Ketogenic Diet Program
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What is the ketogenic Diet Program

SIt is a weight loss diet program fast effectiveness developed by Dr. Marco Membrino and it born from experience with the ketogenic Enteral Nutrition for the treatment of obesity and from clinical practice in the treatment of the syndrome in patients with chronic hypercatabolism.
Diabetes mellitus, BPCO, chronic heart failure, liver failure, chronic renal failure, skin lesions, neoplastic diseases, etc. are all diseases that cause a hypercatabolism syndrome(HS), so an increased consumption of protein with or without sufficient dietary intake of protein The clinical experience required for the need to integrate drug treatment in order to determine an improvement of underlying medical conditions.
The condition of reduced calorie and protein induced by fasting or a crash diet can play even if in a small metabolic situations SH.
One important consequence of metabolic SH is the demolition of muscle protein with release of amino acids (AA) used for the metabolism and energy purpose. The AA released from cardiac and skeletal muscle, are used in the liver to produce glucose (gluconeogenesis) is essential for maintaining the metabolism of basic structures such as the brain, erythrocytes, etc. The availability of AA for the organism is very important because you can keep the general metabolism and protein synthesis.
Normally healthy people in the AA are introduced with food in the form of protein (milk, eggs, meat, fish, legumes, etc.) that have to be digested. The digestion is slow and expensive process in terms of energy, it follows that many authors are used as an energy substrate by the pancreas, and they will never get the muscle cells. The single administration of AA doesn't involve the activation of pancreatic digestive processes and the AA are quickly absorbed and made available for protein synthesis, which is cytoplasmic or mitochondrial.
Oral administration of a specific mixture of AA was effective at various levels of protein anabolism by minimizing the effects of catabolism.
-    Stimulates protein synthesis;
-    Stimulates mitochondrial biogenesis;
-    Increases the activity of the GLUT4 glucose transporter in the cell.

The mechanism of action is similar to that of Kediep NEC, through dietary fiber and protein without carbohydrates causes the body to go into ketosis to burn excess fat, and promotes the essential amino acid 'tropism of anabolism and catabolism avoiding muscle cells.
In this way there is a rapid consumption of fat (also located in deposits as cellulitis) and a total savings of lean body mass which can also be stimulated by exercise of medium intensity.
The duration of therapy is only 15 days during which you can lose up to 10-12 kg of fat mass alone * and restore the normal balance of water / fat / muscle.
With the diet assumes the amount of protein useful for the daily requirement is also known as percu OLOPROTEIN DIET.
The diet is not so high in protein and is therefore not absolutely overloaded the kidneys and urinary tract, it is low protein and therefore does not lose lean mass.

* Note: The amount of fat eliminated is directly influenced by several parameters: gender, initial weight, percentage of fat and water, exercise, metabolism, etc.. With the diet you can lose a minimum of 4-5kg up to 9-10kg body weight.

What is the program KeDieP
After consulting online and after we had decided the type of program customized through the analysis of various parameters, we obtain the prescription of the ketogenic type diet for a period of 15 days during which you take supplements and eating meat , fish and vegetables. At the end of 15 days we will implement a maintenance diet for a period of 10 days if you want to repeat the ketogenic diet, or if you have reached your ideal weight can produce a personalized diet Mediterranean type (re-education, preparation for sports, consolidation of the weight off, etc. ...)
The duration of the ketogenic diet may vary depending on the pounds to lose, if you need to remove a small amount of localized fat (2 to 4 pounds) can be carried out for 7-10 days only. If the pounds of fat are more than 4-5 you make a complete cycle of 15 days, if you haven't reached the target with the first 15 days you can do a second cycle of 15 days after the maintenance diet.

The program is simple to implement and extremely effective and safe, without complications, always under the supervision of an experienced physician.
It 'guaranteed the loss of fat mass only in a few days!
Check if the program is applicable to your case (click here)and ask for a personal consultation online.