Ketogenic Diet Program
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How to Subscribe

Joining the program Kediep or Aminbiodiet is very simple….
  • First download the module "mod. A " print it and fill it in its entirety (for compilation you can refer to the guide), timestamps and their signatures (around 3) and return the completed and signed form to the following addresses:
1. per e-mail a:
2. for fax to: +390859432489
3. by mail to:

Dott. Marco Membrino
  largo Santa Filomena, 4
NOTE: If you decide to send the forms by fax or postal mail, send an e-mail, however, request a consultation indicating the method of delivery of the modules. 
  • After sending the forms to wait for an email confirmation with total amount payable and payment method. Check rates. With e-mail you will receive a link for payment through PayPal and bank details to make a bank transfer. The user can choose the payment method most convenient to him. 
  • A payment you will receive an e-mail attachment containing the prescribed diet and prescription personal recipe white supplements to buy necessary drugs for weight loss program Kediep. If you choose the program you will receive Aminbiodiet at home with cash on delivery kit supplements.