Ketogenic Diet Program
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Who is it for the KeDieP program?

All those people who enjoy good-excellent health, which can run at least a minimum of daily physical activity and are not suffering from specific chronic diseases:
  • for all those who are slightly overweight medium with 5-10 kg more than the ideal weight; 
  • for athletes who need to lose extra pounds quickly without compromising lean body mass; 
  • for women who have excess adiposity, such as stomach, hips, inner thighs, chinand neck; 
  • for men who want to reduce waist circumference, an important indicator of riskfor cardiovascular disease; 
  • drastic reduction in visceral fat only visible by ultrasound;
  • for the problems of cellulite both at its initial stage and at its well advanced; 
  • for those who for work must care its image having to quickly reduce imperfections due to localized fat deposits.
If you are not among these cases given, you can still seek the advice to see if theprogram is applicable to your case.
Send an e-mail to request for personal information and you will receive an answerquickly.